Wellness Challenge


2020 Step It Up Challenge

Summer:  June 15 - June 28

The Step It Up Challenge is open to both members and nonmembers offering employers a way to engage employees in a hassle-free and fun health initiative. 

Hear a recording of our Step It Up Challenge How-To webinar.


  1. REGISTER YOUR TEAM: Visit our team registration page by Friday, June 5
  2. Wait to receive notification that your team name has been added to the challenge
  3. REGISTER YOURSELF: Use this invite link to register yourself and select your team name from the drop-down box by Friday, June 12 (Register by May 30 and be eligible to win a pack of five Fitbits for your team!)
  4. INVITE TEAMMATES: Send out the invite link and follow the same instructions above to have your teammates join the challenge by Friday, June 12

No Fitbit? No problem! There are other ways to track your steps, learn more here



The team with the highest number of average steps gets lunch for up to 50 people (a $500 value) and a $500 donation made to your local Ronald McDonald House or school garden. Individuals can also compete in 'mini-challenges' throughout the two weeks to win new Fitbits, as well as gift cards from Dick's Sporting Goods, Starbucks, and more!


CHALLENGE DATES: June 15 - June 28
AWARDS ANNOUNCED: Tuesday, June 30


Q. Who is eligible to participate in the Step It Up Challenge? 

A. The Challenge is open to all Health Action Council Members, Supporters, Sponsors, Community Partners, and Friends at no charge. 


Q. I don’t have a Fitbit, so am I allowed to participate? 

A. Yes, you can use a different device to track your steps, however, you’ll need to enter your steps manually on the Fitbit App or website. 


Q. How do I create a Fitbit account? 

A. Go to https://www.fitbit.com/care/go  


Q. How do I manually log my steps? 

A. Click here for the user guide to manually track activities.


Q. How do I use Fitbit mobile track on my smartphone because I don't have a Fitbit device? 

A. Click here for the user guide to enroll in mobile track.


Q. How do I join the Facebook Group page? 

A. Search for “HAC Step It Up Challenge” or request an invite.


Q. I have 10,000 steps every day, but my team's score is lower than that. Why? 

A. Your team score is an average for the two weeks of the challenge across your whole team, so there are some members of your team not walking as much as you! 


Q. My Fitbit isn’t syncing to my app. 

A. Please tweet or chat with Fitbit technical support, or call (877) 623-4997. 

  Q. I am having trouble with my Fitbit device.  Any suggestions? 

A. Click here to download the troubleshotting guide.

Q. Will Fitbit automatically convert other activities to steps? 

A. With the exception of a run, walk, and hike, activities are not converted into steps. You will have to manually add your activity.


Q. I accepted the invite, but don’t see the Challenge. 

A. The Challenge will not be visible to participants until it’s officially launched just a few days prior. 


Additional Questions?

Simply send us an email and we'll troubleshoot your issue.

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