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Suter and Associates Teams win First and Third Place in Health Action Council Summer Employer Step It up Challenge

Team “Step into Spring” from Suter and Associates wins First Place!

Suter and Associates has been an active company, with two of their teams winning first and third place in the Summer Health Action Council Step It Up Challenge. “Step Into Spring” won first place and the team consisted of Allyssa Suter, Joyce Suter, and Joanna Rimmer. The team averaged 809,828 average total steps and logged in a total of 2,429,484 steps. The family team won a healthy lunch and a $300 donation in their name to either a local school garden project or a Ronald McDonald Charity.

Second place was earned by “Walking Winners” from Toledo Lucas County Public Library. The team consisted of Celeste Felix, Tiana Tutu-Anokye, Stacy Cupps-Alexander, and Adira Fuller-Warren, who averaged 785,478 steps, with a total of 3,141,910 total steps. The team won a healthy lunch and a $200 donation in their name to either a local school garden project or Ronald McDonald House Charity.

“Spring in Our Steps” from Suter and Associates won third place and consisted of Jacob Suter, Joe Suter, Bryan Rimmer, and Jason Suter, who averaged 725,711 average total steps, for a total of 2,902,842 steps, winning Step It Up Swag.

The Summer Employer Step It Up Challenge, sponsored by CBIZ, hosted 710 total participants, 56 teams, logged in 139,795,959 steps with 7,032 daily average steps. Between the summer and spring challenges, participants moved so much that they circled the earth together over 9 times in total steps! For reaching the collective step goal, the group unlocked a $500 donation to the Ronald McDonald Charities of Central Florida.

“When you see the commitment of these participants, it is incredible how they encourage each other, find creative ways to get healthy and see measurable results,” said Patty Starr, President & CEO of Health Action Council. “In the end, they establish healthier habits and encourage a healthy workplace.”

Individual Winners of the competition were: Marlisia Mitchell from Hollywood Feed, with 1,374,894 total steps, Rutvik Wadkar from Hitachi Solutions with 792,144 total steps, and Samantha Canovas from Clermont County Park District with 706,485 total steps. These walking warriors were amongst the Top 15 steppers in the leaderboard and were selected at random to win new Fitbit Charge 5 devices!

Mini Challenge Winners were:

Cherub Robertson from team Hitachi Inspire the Steps won a $20 Amazon gift card for participating in our sun safety and prevention mini challenge.

Amber Pawelkop from team The Walking Dead - CC won a $20 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card for posting in our screen time mini challenge.

Joe Suter from team Spring in Our Steps won a $15 DoorDash gift card for participating in our healthy nutrition mini challenge.

Josh Torbeck from CCPD had over 10,000 steps and was selected to win a Step It Up swag bundle.

Sheri Kolinski from Toledo Lucas County Public Library was selected to win an Owala water bottle prize for participating in our summer hydration mini challenge.

Christina Knight from team GableGotwals won a $20 Cabela’s gift card for posting her favorite place to get steps in our weekend mini challenge.

Stephanie Becker from team AFSCME Tater Trots was selected to win the resistance band set for completing the blood pressure mini challenge and posting her numbers.

Michelle Piercey from team Lakeland Lakers won a $25 Starbucks gift card for posting a picture of her getting her steps in with a workout buddy.

Jesus Martinez from team Hitachi Inspire the Steps was drawn to win a $20 Amazon gift card for submitting a joke in our laughter mini challenge.

Charity Hale from Dayton Children’s Hospital was selected to win a $25 Amazon gift card in our Independence Day mini challenge for posting a picture in the challenge chat.

Gear up for our 2024 Fall Step It Up Challenge from October 14-November 10, 2024! Employees will have fun answering sports trivia questions while working as a team to get their daily steps in! Learn more and register. For additional questions, please contact Noelle Reinhart at [email protected].

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