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Working together for the collective benefit of our membership is one of our key differentiators as an organization. It’s also one of our major strengths. For 40 years, Health Action Council has created synergies to meet and exceed employer members’ needs.

We build on our value and mission to enhance human health and create healthy communities where business thrives through agile leadership and resourcefulness. Health Action Council proactively serves as a catalyst and convener for organizations working to affect positive change in health and healthcare. We bring together medical professionals, insurance providers, consultants, member employers, and community leaders to collaborate on new ways to educate, empower, and provide services that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs for everyone. It is through these collaborations that we have been able to consistently present our members with authentic, relevant and quality content, products, and services that balance the practical with the strategic.

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Collective impact meetings

Health Action Council convenes employers, providers, and communities for discussions that focus on individual health, including a review of data, trend performance and drivers of health, and how to begin bridging gaps. We identify opportunities for collaboration, to establish agreement, and to align interests. The advancement, development, and implementation of efficient and effective employer and community-based initiatives are discussed to improve the health of the workforce and communities over time.

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Leapfrog Group coordinator

Preventable medical errors kill more than 250,000 people every year. Health Action Council recognizes the impact these errors have on employers and their workforce. We collaborate with Leapfrog and other coordinators to improve hospital safety, quality, and transparency.

Each year, Health Action Council creates and distributes personalized Leapfrog Scorecards for our Members utilizing our medical offering. Using the employer’s own data, we report how much money and how many lives could be saved if their employees went to hospitals with a higher Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade. In addition, we educate employers on plan design changes and resource materials that influence employees’ decisions to use higher quality and safer providers.

Find the Right Care

Understanding healthcare options can lead to higher quality care, a quicker recovery, and save time and money. With so many choices for healthcare, it is important to educate about the options for getting the right care at the right time and at the right price. Health Action Council collaborates with UnitedHealthcare, OptumRx, Leapfrog, and CVS to inform member employees and communities on ways individuals can find the right care when they need it most.

Health Action Council educates users about different healthcare options through our consumer-facing website The website interacts with users by asking questions about symptoms and provides an understanding of when to go to a family doctor, retail clinic, urgent care, or the emergency room, or utilize telehealth.

Health measurement work group

Employers understand there is a relationship between healthcare spending and population health. As a result of their interest, Health Action Council staff supports and participates in the development of Health Policy Institute of Ohio’s (HPIO) Health Value Dashboard which tracks Ohio’s progress towards health value in comparison to other states. The dashboard is a composite measure of performance on population health outcomes and healthcare spending. Key findings from the dashboard provide evidence-informed strategies that can lead to improved population health, equity, and reduced healthcare spending. Through our collaboration with HPIO, we created a similar tool for the state of Indiana.

Other Collaborations

Better Health Partnership

Health Action Council is a founding member and ongoing board member of Better Health Partnership which promotes transparency of healthcare-related metrics and best practice sharing, to improve strategies related to the triple aim: Better Care, Better Health and Lower Costs. We work collectively to accelerate health value, improve population and community health, and promote health equity. Healthcare, social services, and community members collaborate to share best practices and accelerate data-informed improvements in equitable population and community health. Health Action Council brings a valued business perspective and opportunities for alignment with employer health and wellness programs.

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National Quality Forum

Health Action Council is a member of National Quality Forum (NQF), a not-for-profit, nonpartisan, membership-based organization that works to catalyze improvements in healthcare. NQF measures and standards serve as a foundation for initiatives to enhance healthcare value, make patient care safer, and achieve better outcomes. NQF members review quality measures, make recommendations on measures to be used in federal reporting and payment programs, and work on specific initiatives to advance measurement science. Our membership enables Health Action Council to work with other member organizations and individuals from across the country to improve health and healthcare through quality measurement. This membership demonstrates a commitment to quality improvement.

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