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Group Purchasing

Our national Group Purchasing program enables employer members to realize efficiencies and savings by leveraging the aggregated membership to obtain enhanced services and discounts from vendors.

It creates immediate lower cost with long-term trend reduction while optimizing a member’s healthcare spend.

The benefits of our group purchasing program include:

  • Lower employer and employee costs, trend reduction, and risk mitigation
  • Collaborative member-driven vendor procurement process
  • Built in market checks and annual audits and clinical reviews
  • Plan-specific pricing and performance guarantees
  • Member ownership of plan design and strategy
  • Actionable research, data, and strategies

In addition, group purchasing has afforded our members the opportunity to drive innovation. Most recently our members collaborated with UHC, an endorsed vendor, to create a custom clinical outreach model that included the calculation of SDoH risk and health disparities. They also authorized a clinical audit of high-cost specialty clinical management programs that validates PBM performance, identifies opportunities for improvement, and provides employers with actionable recommendations.

Collaboration, Aggregation, and Innovation Drive Results


21 Years of single digit pharmacy trend


Historical medical trend of 1.9%


Employers saved $133.5 million in pharmacy audits and market check savings 2013-2021


Paid employer members more than $3.9 million in growth credits in 2023


$13.3 million saved by closing clinical gaps in 2023

We provide the following group purchasing programs that deliver first class service to members and employees. Employers benefit from a global contract while maintaining control and ownership of the plan design.

Doctor talking with patient

Medical Program

Our program through United Healthcare focuses on improving the health of member populations and risk mitigation by utilizing a national perspective with local expertise. Members benefit from dedicated service and clinical teams, as well as financial and performance guarantees. Resources are committed and aligned to continuously improve year over year.

Pharmacist with medicine

Pharmacy Benefits Program

Health Action Council delivers open-sourced pharmacy solutions through CVS Health and OptumRx. We optimize cost savings through utilization management programs and formulary, discount, and network options. Independent audits and market checks validate the program annually. 

man being fitted for glasses by eye doctor

Vision Program

Our solutions through EyeMed Vision Care and Vision Service Plan (VSP) offer comprehensive, cost-effective benefits. These networks of highly rated professionals offer best-in-class programs.

Patient who received a flu shot

Flu Shot Program

We offer flu shot clinic programs through select providers. These programs provide health and wellness solutions to employer groups. They offer flexible on-site and remote flu shot clinic programs to accommodate your workforce.

Employers in a conference room


Our program with Included Health and Quantum Health builds intuitive tools and empathetic care teams to support employees’ administrative, financial, and clinical needs. This guided experience reduces the complexity and cost of healthcare and improves outcomes


united healthcare

We strive to improve the health of our member populations. Our partnership with UnitedHealthcare represents a national perspective with local expertise. Our members benefit from a dedicated disease management team, financial and performance guarantees, and strong innovation opportunities.

For more information, contact us via email or call 216-328-2300.

cvs healthoptium

When it comes to pharmacy benefits, employers deserve strong service at a reasonable price point. Through CVS Health and OptumRX, our employer members secure contract terms customized to fit their needs while minimizing costs.

To offer members the strongest possible options for vision benefits, we partner with EyeMed Vision Care and Vision Service Plan (VSP). These networks of highly-rated professionals help offer best-in-class programs all while reducing costs.


For more information, contact us via email or call 216-328-2200. 

Our partnership with Included Health and Quantum Health provides extra support and guidance when trying to navigate the healthcare system.  Similar to having an advocate or concierge.

For more information, contact Kevin Gregory at 216.236.0379.

Our preferred vendors for flu shots provide health and wellness solutions to employer groups; federal, state, and local government entities; and health plans nationwide. Together, we provide flexible, solutions for onsite and remote flu shot clinic programs to accommodate your workforce.

For more information, contact us via email or call 216-328-2200. 

To learn more, contact us via email or call 216.328.2200.

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