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Putting Business to Work for Health

This guide looks at how local government incentives can help improve community health. It explains a variety of different types of incentives that promote access to healthy food and physical activity space, and outlines the steps involved in developing and carrying out these policies and programs.

Putting Business to Work for Health Guide
Workplace Health

Healthy Living

Worksite Wellness Toolkits

Centers for Disease Control Toolkit for Workplace Health Protection and Promotion
Wellness Council of America
American Cancer Society Worksite Solutions
National Health Observances

Worksite Nutrition Resources

American Cancer Society Meeting Well
American Heart Association: Nutrition Center 
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 
National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity Healthy Meeting Toolkit 
Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit

Exercise and Fitness Resources

The YMCAA Walk with a Doc Program

Tobacco Resources

Ohio Tobacco Quitline
American Heart Association Smoking Cessation
American Lung Association Stop Smoking
Centers for Disease Control Smoking and Tobacco Use 
American Cancer Society Guide to Quit Smoking

Obesity Resources

Centers for Disease Control Overweight and Obesity 
American Heart Association  

Worksite Lactation and Breastfeeding Resources

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
FLSA Protections to Pump at Work
Infant Feeding Policy Fact Sheet

Ohio Lactation Consultant Association
Ohio Department of Health Breastfeeding Toolkit

Ohio Department of Health Breastfeeding Workplace Award Application
La Leche League International
International Lactation Consultant Association
Investing in Workplace Breastfeeding Programs and Policies

Chronic Disease

Central Ohio Diabetes Association 
Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease 
American Diabetes Association 
American Heart Association 

Depression, Anxiety and Stress

American Institute of Stress
National Alliance on Mental Illness 
Centers for Disease Control: Mental Health

Substance Abuse

National Institutes of Health: SAMSHA Treatment Locator
Addiction Group

Addiction Resource


Family Wellness

National Capital Poison Center 
American Academy of Pediatrics

Health Equity 

Centers for Disease Control Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities 
How to Promote Health Equity

Medical Plan Information

Medicare in Ohio 
Medicare Advantage Plans in Ohio 



Wellness compliance continues to change and evolve. It is essential that you as an employer are aware of current compliance laws. Below are a few resources to help you navigate the compliance of your wellness program.

Also, sign up for the Center for Health and Wellness Law LLC to find:

  • Compliance checklists
  • Toolkits and Guidance
  • Research and Best Practices


  • Putting Business to Work for Health
  • Worksite Nutrition Resources
  • Exercise and Fitness Resources
  • Tobacco Resources
  • Obesity Resources
  • Worksite Lactation and Breastfeeding Resources
  • Chronic Disease
  • Depression, Anxiety and Stress
  • Substance Abuse
  • Family Wellness
  • Health Equity 

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