Guidance for HBCO Membership


Guidance for Regional HBCO Membership

There are three methods of entry into a regional HBCO:

  1. Worksite award winner (any level)

  2. Nomination

  3. Application

  • Nominations and applications are voted on by the Executive Committee of the HBCO  Every effort will be made to maintain a diverse membership representative of the geographic areas of Ohio.

  •  Our guiding principle: The HBCO believes that in business, it is often the quality of the people that make the difference in a company’s success. Worksite wellness programs have numerous benefits within an organization. Wellness programs can be a wise investment in maintaining competitive advantage. Healthier employees mean healthier Ohioans.

  • Membership is organizationally based. Businesses must have a demonstrated ability to address worksite wellness issues. The organization must already be engaged in health/wellness-being/fitness programming with “top-down” buy-in frommanagement not only for what you do at your company, but for your participation in the regional council as well.

  • Organizational representatives on the council should be leaders with decision making ability and the ability to commit resources such as time, knowledge, in-kind services, etc.

  • Representatives will be expected to share best practices with the other council members and to help mentor local businesses needing help in starting or expanding their own programs.

  • Your council membership should not be used to further your own business through the promotion of your own products including, but not limited to, fitness equipment, supplements, nutritional or other programs, books, etc. What you can receive is recognition among your fellow business people and community for helping to make employees healthier and proactively managing health care costs.

    QUESTIONS? Contact your regional representative

Contact for more information:

Brenda Bodenmiller
Manager, Employee Health and Wellness
Premier Health
[email protected] 

What to Expect

1. Upon Receiving your HBCO membership application, you will be contacted by the chair or co-chair of your region.
2. You will be invited to attend the regional HBCO meeting that will vary based on the region.
3. Attendance at the meeting will allow you to network with other employers that are passionate about health and well-being for their employees as well as provide you with the opportunity to learn more about wellness best practices, trends, innovations, compliance and more.

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