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Zubin Damania, MD, To Keynote 2017 Annual Conference

Zubin Damania, MD, aka ZDoggMD, will be the keynote speaker at Health Action Council's 2017 Annual Conference February 15-16 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland. As Dave Chase says in "Damania's fearless attitude and ability to build a huge following makes him look like the MLK of the Health 3.0 movement that is breaking healthcare one nurse, one doctor and one healthcare organization at a time."

Dr. Damania has built his following of nurses, doctors and forward-looking clinicians through his stand-up performances for medical audiences worldwide, along with his successful videos that are focused on educating patients and providers alike while mercilessly satirizing our dysfunctional healthcare system.

Damania received the Russell Lee Award for Clinical Teaching while he was a hospitalist at Stanford. He currently is director of healthcare development for Downtown Project Las Vegas, where he has made the leap from satire to actionable change by developing Turntable Health, a membership model team-based primary care ecosystem that is a ground-up effort to get healthcare right ...for everyone.

For his music parody videos, visit his YouTube Channel. The R&B parody anthem is clinically proven to lower patient readmission rates!  To connect with ZDoggMD on Facebook click here.

Register here for the 2017 Annual Conference to hear what this healthcare disruptor has to say.

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