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Healthy Kids

Healthy Children Are More Likely To Become Healthy Adults

2024 Fall Healthy Kids Step It Up Challenge

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Health Action Council recognizes the health of children today has a direct impact on today’s workforce and the workforce of the future.

The Healthy Kids program goals are to encourage childhood preventable disease vaccinations, increase annual well-child visits, keep kids active, promote healthy nutrition, and enhance health literacy.

These five focuses support health and wellness:

Preventable Disease Vaccinations

Provide children immunity to potentially life-threatening diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that immunization rates are at an all-time low and continue to decline. Download our Healthy Kids Vaccine Toolkit.

Medical, Dental and Vision Well-Child Visits

Ensure kids are developing properly and receiving ongoing preventive screenings. A child’s doctor(s) can often detect and address health problems before they become serious and impact their ability to grow and learn.

Physical Activities

Help children ward off chronic illness, sleep better, grow healthy muscles and bones, develop fundamental strength and coordination, relax, and improve social skills at a young age. These may include playing outside and participating in sports.

Healthy Food Choices

Supports brain development and growth and boosts physical and mental health for children. Additional benefits include strong bones and teeth, clear thinking and improved alertness. Kids with healthy eating patterns are at lower risk for serious health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Health Literacy

Helps families understand the importance of healthy choices and smart healthcare utilization. Pediatricians note the effect of low health literacy is wide ranging, including poor nutrition knowledge and behaviors, higher obesity rates, and increased medication errors and emergency department use. Higher health literacy aids in improved access to care and health outcomes.

In each of these areas, early action makes a DIFFERENCE!

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