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Healthy children are more likely to become healthy adults

Health Action Council and the Ohio High School Athletic Association joined forces to engage students and their families, school leaders, teachers, coaches and communities in promoting improved health and wellness. Our goal is to encourage and promote childhood preventable disease vaccinations, increase annual well-child visits, keep kids active and enhance health literacy.

  1. CHILDHOOD PREVENTABLE DISEASE VACCINATIONS. Immunization rates are at an all-time low. Preventable disease vaccinations help provide children immunity to potentially life-threatening diseases. Download our Healthy Kids Vaccine Toolkit.

  2. WELL-CHILD VISITS. Kids need regular doctor visits to ensure they are developing properly, but many well-child visits have been canceled. 

  3. KEEPING KIDS ACTIVE. Develop healthy habits and living an active lifestyle, such as playing outside and participating in sports. 

  4. HEALTH LITERACY. Helping schools and families better understand the importance of healthy choices and smart healthcare utilization. 

In each of these areas, early action makes a DIFFERENCE in a child’s health!

Download the 2021-2022 Healthy Kids Campaign Toolkit

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