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Health Action Council Joins The Alliance For A Healthier Generation Schools Program

Health Action Council recently announced it is collaborating with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Schools Program to encourage Health Action Council’s schools consortium members to take advantage of the program’s efforts to build a culture of health where students thrive in their districts’ schools. The Healthy Schools Program provides school leaders with an evidence-based approach to creating healthier learning environments through developing a wellness council, completing a comprehensive school assessment, developing an action plan, and implementing new policies and healthier programs.  Schools have the opportunity to become nationally recognized for their participation and meeting national benchmarks.

"Schools are a major foundation of a healthy community and healthy communities are places where businesses thrive," says Jodi Mitchell, Health Action Council’s Manager of Health Initiatives and Community Experience. “Obesity rates have doubled and contributes to increased health costs for employers and lower productivity of the workforce.  Through the Healthy Schools Program, we have an opportunity to support a strategic prevention approach in community to reduce the burden of unhealthy weight on the future workforce as well as families and dependents.”

Health Action Council is reaching out to its schools consortium members to discuss the Healthy Schools Program and encourage schools in their districts to sign up for this free online framework for creating health learning environments for the next generation of employees. More information on the Healthy Schools Program is available at

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