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Motivity Care was founded to address the growing costs for employers related to employees caring for aging loved ones, currently $50B+ cost to U.S. employers and growing. Motivity Care provides a user friendly, cost effective and compassionate service that alleviates pain points of caregiving management at every stage of aging to better support working caregiving employees and reduce the related costs for employers. Motivity Care is national and can be provided as a payroll deductible benefit. It is available in English and Spanish. With an aging population and an aging workforce, Motivity Care provides the solution to keeping more working caregivers productive.


An employee voluntary benefits for working caregivers.

Motivity Care Life Intell Platform: A secure and user friendly way to keep every piece of vital information and documentation need for caregiving decisions for you or an adult loved one: medical, legal, financial and personal. Desktop and App. Global access.

Personalized concierge support for employees and the ability to customize services to meet their needs. Every company has dedicated Concierge Manager who will spend the time that is needed to:

  • Understand what is in place medically, legally and financially
  • Create an actionable plan to alleviate caregiving pain points
  • Reduce stress moving forward by being proactive
  • Provide live support in an emergency

Customized concierge services available such as:

  • Vetting resources, inclusive of onsite aides
  • Offering referrals and scheduling appointments
  • Recommendations and coordination of life transitions
  • Oversite of vendors and services



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*This vendor is a Supporter of the Health Action Council and not a vetted, endorsed provider.


Mim Senft

 [email protected]

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