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Hinge Health is pioneering the world's most patient-centered Digital Musculoskeletal (MSK) Clinic by pairing advanced wearable technology with a comprehensive clinical care team, including doctors of physical therapy (PTs), physicians, board-certified health coaches, and more. 4 in 5 employers with a digital MSK solution have chosen Hinge Health to help their members reduce MSK pain, opioid use, and surgeries. 

Hinge Health MSK care programs are designed by PTs and physicians and personalized based on an individual's needs. Hinge Health is the only MSK solution on the market that goes beyond just digital PT and designed with first dollar coverage in mind. Other digital MSK solutions are PT-only and essentially deliver telemedicine which would require a copay resulting in lower member enrollment.


As a complete, end-to-end Digital MSK Clinic for everybody and every body part, we offer dedicated MSK care programs for prevention, acute, chronic, pre/post surgery rehabilitation and free expert medical opinion. In 2021, we added to the Digital MSK Clinic, Enso, a non-invasive, non-addictive wearable technology for immediate pain relief of musculoskeletal pain. 

Each of our programs is described here:

  • Prevention: This program is job-type specific, delivered through the Hinge Health app, and available to your entire population at no charge.  

  • Acute: This program involves on demand live virtual sessions with a dedicated Physical Therapist along with software-guided rehab, and member education.  

  • Chronic: This program involves the costliest MSK members (about 75% of your total MSK  spend) where the largest barriers to outcome improvement and cost reduction are adherence and behavior change. Our Chronic Program surrounds the member with a clinical care team including a dedicated Doctor of Physical Therapy and board-certified health coach to offer a customized care plan of motion sensor guided exercise therapy, curated health education, and behavior change through guidance and accountability. In addition, Chronic program participants have access to the Hinge Health Enso, our wearable advanced technology offering non-invasive, non-addictive pain relief.

  • Surgery: The Surgery program includes the same components as Chronic, with the addition of coordination with the member’s physician for pre and post surgery rehab. The program includes 4 weeks of pre-rehab to get ready for surgery and then 8 weeks post surgery. We also coordinate ongoing program outcomes and activity tracking with the physician or surgeon.  

  • Expert Medical Opinion: This program offers full population access to our free EMO service focused on elective chronic MSK procedures, which often equate to 50% of a typical employers' EMO utilization and ROI. 



Hinge Health Digital MSK Clinic Overview
Hinge Health Enso Overview
Hinge Health State of MSK Report 2021

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Chris Forst

VP, Enterprise Sales
 [email protected]

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