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Ascendium has supported student loan borrowers for 55 years. Our Attigo® suite of solutions offers comprehensive repayment support. We provide: an easy-to-use platform to help employers administer contributions to their employee's student loan servicers, one-to-one personalized loan counseling and a financial education website to help employees and their family members achieve their financial goals. Our nonprofit, mission driven parent company has 55+ years in the student loan sector. Our customers include the US Department of Education, colleges and universities, financial institutions, and employers across the country. We bring deep expertise and experience in delivering our Student Loan Repayment Assistance (SLRA) platform and student loan counseling via a financial education website and 1:1 telephonic support. Student loan legislation and policy is constantly changing, few companies have the resources and loan servicer relationships to provide trustworthy guidance and best in class support. We value security and are SOC2 Type II Certified. 


  • Student Loan Repayment Assistance (Co-Pay Partners)
  • Student Loan Counseling (Student Loan Success Center)
  • Financial Education (Knowledge Center)
  • Professional Development (By Request Training)



*This vendor is a Supporter of the Health Action Council and not a vetted, endorsed provider.

Special Pricing

Co-Pay Partners

  • No set -up or recurring maintenance fee.
  • Usage Fee is $5.00 PEPM or $60.00 PEPY with a minimum annual fee of $6,000/year.
  • Companies with less than 100 registered users will be billed $500/month.

Student Loan Counseling Services

  • Minimum annual fee for GradReady/SLSC and KC/SLSC:
    • SLSC/KC
      • $1.20 PEPY with a minimum annual fee of $3,000
      • Companies with less than 2500 employees will be billed $3000 one month after implementation.

By Request Training

  • Flat fee of $1000 per session (virtual) or $2000 per session (in-person). This base flat fee is for 1 to 2-hour duration session and includes 1 hour of individualized content development. Additional fees will apply for multiple sessions or duration longer than 2 hours.
  • In-person training will also include applicable travel expenses, which include:
    • Airfare, mileage, car rental, hotel, meals, Taxi/uber, printing costs, miscellaneous
    • Costs to be agreed upon at time of order and/or before booking.
  • Customized content development /design - $125/hour


Amy Nelson

Regional Sales Director

[email protected]

Mike Doman

Regional Sales Director

[email protected]

Roger Eldridge

National Sales Director

[email protected]

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