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Culture Of Health: From Wellness To Wellbeing

What does it mean to be healthy?
When you hear the term “employee wellbeing” what comes to mind?
Wellbeing is characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity. While most employers recognize the importance of supporting the physical wellness of their labor force, there are additional aspects of an individual’s wellbeing that are often overlooked. These underserved elements of wellbeing include the social, economic, psychological and spiritual components of health.

Healthy employees are a strategic asset to your organization, and a company culture that integrates all elements of employee wellbeing produces better results for everyone involved.


This past August, we hosted a collaborative workshop that explored the benefits of broadening your focus from employee wellness toward comprehensive wellbeing. At this event, industry experts from Zipongo, Limeade, Interactive Health, Inc., and MeQuilibrium offered advice on how employers can improve outcomes through new technologies and demonstrated personalized strategies that can be easily integrated into current health and wellness programs.


In order to extend this valuable content to those who were unable to attend, we have compiled a short list of themes useful for any effort to enhance the relationship between business and health. Stress, nutrition, and financial stability are three important elements of wellbeing that employers should be considering.
Through a series of short blog posts, we will introduce each of these topics in more detail and identify strategic tactics that can be utilized to support an organizational culture of wellbeing.
Stay tuned to our blog for the first installment in this blog series. If you want to learn more about how your organization can benefit from employee wellbeing programs, or for more information on becoming a member, call Kevin Gregory at 216.236.0379, or email Kevin at [email protected].      

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About the author

Patty Starr

Patty Starr is president and CEO of Health Action Council and is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the organization--build stronger, healthier communities where business can thrive. 

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