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2019 Benefit Trends Report

Many employees feel ill-equipped to navigate their benefits packages. 

Of course, employee health and wellness is critical since it drives positive outcomes on personal, professional, and financial levels. And it looks like empowerment in this sense has become just as essential as curating the offered benefit plans themselves. 

The 2019 Benefit Trends Report from Empyrean Benefit Solutions reflects that this empowerment is attainable, but first, you must understand the nuanced, contemporary accounts of how benefit options have transformed.

This report features changes in the types of benefits strategies offered to employees and the shifts in employee benefit needs. 

Empyrean 2019 Benefit Trends Report highlights:

  • “More employers are choosing to eliminate medical coverage waiting periods for new employees”

  • 51 percent of organizations are implementing the Recommendation Engine

  • “...the average employee spends just 32 minutes looking over their benefit choices”

  • “...more than three-fourths of employers offer HDHP participants a HSA contribution”

  • 51 percent of employers include biometric screenings as part of their wellness strategy

  • Most employers are adding discounts for non-tobacco users instead of adding tobacco surcharge to the cost of medical coverage

To freely access these insights and more – click here to download!

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About the author

Patty Starr

Patty Starr is president and CEO of Health Action Council and is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the organization--build stronger, healthier communities where business can thrive. 

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