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Health Action Council is a non-profit organization that serves as a resource and advocate for employers who offer health benefits and wellness services to their employees, dependents and retirees. We are a leader in finding ways to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and affordability of healthcare.

We not only help companies align their employee benefits packages with their corporate goals, but, through our thought leadership, innovative services and collaboration, we promote an overall “culture of health” from which all stakeholders can benefit.

To that end, recognizing that a company’s employees are its greatest asset – and that healthy employees are better able to contribute to a company’s success – we have expanded our strategic focus and are reaching out to members and the community in new ways.

So while we continue to leverage our group buying power to provide our 200+ member companies with high-quality group healthcare products, perhaps even more importantly we are spearheading initiatives that strengthen the many connections between businesses and their employees’ health. By redirecting the conversation toward health – and not just healthcare – we are creating new opportunities for partnership between management, employees, and service providers, and we’re supporting those efforts with technology, data and programming.

In a constantly changing healthcare environment, Health Action Council works to be a proactive voice for our members, supporters and the community at large.

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To become a member of the Health Action Council, fill out and submit this enrollment form or to ask specific questions, contact Kevin Gregory, Vice President, Business Solutions, at 216.328.2200.

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