Innovative Services


Health Action Council continues to provide value-added services to its members.

For example, to help our members continue providing sustainable, cost-effective pharmacy benefit programs to their employees, Health Action Council initiated an independent clinical audit of CVS’s and OptumRx’s high-cost specialty management programs. Preliminary results indicate that both PBMs are actively managing specialty drug benefits. Visit us again for the final results of the independent study.

Other services include:

  • Post-migration audit – Following the move of Health Action Council user groups to a new prescription claims processing platform, we worked with CVS Health to design migration checklists and bring added attention to detail for remaining groups that had not yet moved to the new platform.
  • Prescription pricing audit – Health Action Council conducted an audit of contractual pricing guarantees, bringing about the recovery of more than $3.7 million, which was distributed to employers participating in the prescription benefit program.
  • Prescription market check – Health Action Council initiated a market check provision in its agreement with CVS Health, and negotiated more than $11 million in additional aggregated savings for participating member employers. It included a personalized analysis of each employer’s specialty drug spend opportunities in order to partner with our PBM to better manage an often unwieldy expense.
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