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WellSpark moves employee populations along a path toward a more enduring well. By working with employers, we help create a culture of health that adds the dimension of emotional support to their current employee benefit suite. Together with our life-dimensional approach, employees come to understand that this program is not going to tell them what to do but rather will help them discover for themselves what actions they are willing and able to take. And by steadily building upon one change—one success—after another, WellSpark creates enduring results that positively impact both employees and their employers. So, while other programs ignore the totality of a person’s life or try to fit this complex reality into a pre-determined box, our life-dimensional approach works to understand and respond to it.

Products & Services

Help364 Chronic Disease Self-Management Support:
No one should be expected to overcome barriers to wellbeing alone, especially when chronic disease affects more than an employee’s physical state. Help 364 provides coaching and support for those who are self-managing their chronic disease. WellSpark’s Nurse Wellness Coaches work to improve participants’ control over their disease and alleviate chronic disease distress. Our team of Nurse Wellness Coaches helps educate employees and encourages them to develop better behaviors for managing their conditions and improving their lifestyle. 

Health Coaching for Life – Lifestyle Coaching for Behavior Change:
Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and our Health Coaching for Life program ensures employees never undertake their health journey alone. Our trained wellbeing advisors provide compassionate, one-on-one support and personalized recommendations based on the dimensions of an employee’s life. As their trusted partner, advisors help employees identify and achieve their health goals and live their healthiest life. 

Diabetes Prevention Program:
A1C levels are a big part of Diabetes. But it’s not the only piece of the puzzle when it comes to  understanding a person’s level of risk—or the only factor that needs to be addressed. DPP is a 12-month diabetes prevention program designed to address prediabetes—especially the risk factors associated with lifestyle and weight management. The program helps lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by adhering to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Prevent T2 curriculum. Delivered on-site or online, the program combines the CDC curriculum with culturally relevant programming that acknowledges the diversity of your employees, ensuring the varied needs of your workforce are met. 


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