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Physera’s innovative program for managing full-body musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions offers quick and easy access to virtual physical therapy using a smartphone. Leveraging a nationwide team of world-class physical therapists (PTs) and cutting-edge, assistive technology, participants receive ongoing guidance, individualized treatment plans and support.

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Clinical expertise: Only 1 in 15 PTs pass a rigorous screening and application process. Those hired have a continuation of specialized training and are supported by assistive technology to ensure outstanding patient care and outcomes.

Decision support: Patient care begins with a video consultation which includes red flag screening, an in-depth review of patient history and motion assessments. The consultation is followed by a diagnosis and, depending on the condition, a treatment plan or in some cases a referral out, if necessary.

Individualized care: Physera PTs develop care plans tailored to each patient’s personal needs and overall goals. PTs optimize daily therapeutics exercises and education to ensure the best possible outcomes.


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Nick Thielman
SVP of Business Development
E: [email protected]

Jocelyn Nowak
Sales Development 
M: 315.663.8699
E: [email protected]


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