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Physera is a virtual physical therapy program that provides patients with a live, licensed physical therapist, personalized care plan, and ongoing guidance to help them recover from muscle and joint pain through the convenience of their smartphone. By blending a nationwide network of highly-trained physical therapists with cutting-edge assistive technology, Physera is able to deliver improved care and lower costs, all while fitting seamlessly into the traditional healthcare system.

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Clinical expertise: Physera is an evidence-based program designed and staffed by musculoskeletal experts. Only 1 in 15 physical therapists pass the rigorous screening and application process, and those that are hired are provided with additional specialized training and supported by assistive technology to ensure the best possible patient care.
Decision support: Patient care starts with a video consultation after which they will be provided with a diagnosis for their condition as well as with options for what to do next. Most patients will benefit from virtual physical therapy with Physera, while others will benefit from in-patient referrals or are simply in need of a little peace of mind.
Individualized care: Physera physical therapists create care plans tailored to each patient’s personal needs (accounting for things like job, everyday obstacles, and fitness level) – continually optimizing daily therapeutics tasks and education throughout the program to ensure the best possible outcomes. No two treatment programs are the same.


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SVP of Business Development

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RVP of Sales

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RVP of Sales

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