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Naturally Slim is a common-sense, digital counseling program for building habits to help participants lose weight, improve their health and boost their overall quality of life.

It is the leading program offered by employers and plan sponsors nationwide to combat obesity-related disease, like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome and is the single most cost-effective way to do the most good for the most employees.

By learning simple skills to change when and how to eat, instead of what to eat, participants don’t have to give up the foods they love.  Plus, Naturally Slim creates other healthy habits leading to increased physical activity, better sleep, less stress and participants feeling more in control over their health long-term.


In just 10 weeks:

  • 50.7% of participants reversed their metabolic syndrome
  • 55% of participants reversed their diabetes risk
  • 50% hypertension reversal among those who achieved 5% weight loss
  • 10.6 pounds average weight loss in first 10 weeks

Additional Information

Dan Poch
Regional Director, Business Development
E:[email protected]
M: 513-288-4353

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