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The biggest challenge facing today’s employers is finding and implementing effective methods to contain spiraling healthcare costs. More healthcare data is available today than ever before, but it’s not easy to analyze disparate, often confusing data sources to identify actions that will reduce employee utilization and minimize their future risk while also improving their health. You need the help of a partner with deep expertise in providing clear and concise insights from healthcare data to support your data-driven initiatives and decision-making.

That partner is Health Cost IQ and its Data IQ platform. The powerful analytics built into our platform give you a meaningful, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution to help you realize the following benefits:

  • Predict high-cost claims and intervene before they occur
  • Improve the health of employees and families to boost productivity and morale
  • Realize significant cost savings across your entire health plan

Here are just a few of the questions our Data IQ platform can answer regarding your health plan:

  • By how much will our health costs increase in the next plan year?
  • Who are our company’s riskiest members, what are they costing us now and what will they cost us in the future?
  • Which members are using the ER and Urgent Care for primary care?
  • How can we accurately identify and intervene in high-risk cases before they become high-cost cases?

Products & Services

  • Population health and cost management analytics
  • Chronic condition forecasting and surveillance 
  • Predictive modeling and risk stratification
  • Member and population risk profiling, risk scoring and risk trending
  • Medical and Rx cost savings and plan inefficiency mitigation
  • Health plan and stop-loss administrative reporting
  • Advanced health data analytics and reporting
  • Data warehousing and management
  • COVID-19 Surveillance and Monitoring

Additional Information

Jude Odu -
Chief Executive Officer, [email protected], 928.608.5868
Ken Di Bella - President and Chief Revenue Officer, [email protected], 614.581.6221
Holly Paulk - Senior Director, Business Intelligence, [email protected], 623.204.6972
Christopher Gilbert - Manager of Client Engagement & Projects, [email protected], 480.809.5288

Company Overview
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