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CDC-recognized HabitNu is a digital therapeutics company that works with employers to deliver a broad spectrum of high-ROI wellness applications.  HabitNu focuses on behavior shaping and is particularly attractive to employers that truly want to improve the health of their employees, i.e.: employers who recognize that healthier employees are happier employees.  HabitNu’s partners prefer the demonstrable outcomes, high ROI, and real-world, health-driven incentives we deliver.
One-size does not fit all, and the HabitNu solution - called 'HabitNu for Me', - is your personal companion for wellness!  Employees can get one-on-one coaching, or choose a self-managed path, or even join a session with other employees for a team experience.  You can focus on one or all five pillars of physical wellbeing: Behavioral Weight loss, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep, and Stress reduction.

Depending on the programs selected, HabitNu provides a Wi-Fi scale, activity tracker, blood pressure cuff, or glucose monitor to help employees keep on track, but we "meet you where you are" to help employees change what they want to change.
HabitNu DPP has shown excellent outcomes: 66% of participants have lost more than 5% of their body weight and 69% of the participants shifted from hypertensive to normal.  The HabitNu program is highly scalable with proven outcomes that lead to weight loss, lower HbA1c, and lower the cost of care.  A key difference between HabitNu’s CDC approach to weight loss and other programs is sustainability; HabitNu participants learn how to manage their weight, and keep it off!

Products & Services

HabitNu's spectrum of health-focused applications include: CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention, Heart Health (e.g.: Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring, BPSM), Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME), Behavioral Weight Loss, and Tobacco Cessation.  
Employers prefer HabitNu because we approach wellness from a clinical, CDC-oriented perspective with documented, demonstrable outcomes, and we are, therefore, viewed as more accountable than others in the 'wellness' space.


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