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Company Overview

Eargo is a hearing aid company that wants to change the way the world thinks about hearing loss by dramatically improving the experience at every step of a person's hearing care journey. Their hearing loss solution combines a sleek, proprietary technology, on demand and remote licensed hearing professionals and an advanced personalized App to offer high-quality performance from our virtually invisible hearing aids. We believe EVERYONE SHOULD HEAR LIFE TO THE FULLEST and desire to offer our solutions to Health Action Council member groups.

Products & Services

Special pricing on our MAX, NEO and NEO HiFi models, including a 45-day free trial period (with a 100% money back guarantee) and ongoing telecare support for the life of the device. Educational and marketing materials also available for increasing awareness about hearing loss and the solutions they offer.

*This vendor is a Supporter of the Health Action Council and not a vetted, endorsed provider.


Additional Information

As a supporter of the Health Action Council, Eargo, a leading hearing loss solution, offers Health Action Council member groups access to Eargo's insurance program which gives the opportunity for members to receive a pair (2) of virtually invisible Eargo devices including lifetime support at little to no money out of pocket depending on their hearing health benefits plan.  For Health Action Council member groups with or without hearing plan benefits, Eargo offers special pricing for a pair of our top-of-line NEO HiFi hearing aids at 10% off.

 Eargo NEO HiFi features include:

  • 2 invisible, rechargeable Eargo hearing devices

  • 1 WiFi/Bluetooth enabled charger

  • 2 year warranty

  • 45 day FREE trial offer

  • Lifetime Telecare Professional Support

  • Hearing program customization through the Eargo Mobile App

Contact Information

George Christ

Strategic Accounts Manager
[email protected]

Eric Willis

General Manager- Insurance Markets
[email protected]

Steve Eagon

Head of Sales Development, Audiologist
st[email protected]

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