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Accolade is a personalized health and benefits solution for employers, health plans and their members. Using a blend of compassionate people, clinical expertise, and intelligent technologies, Accolade brings employees and their families a trusted advisor for every healthcare experience, while acting as a trusted partner for plan administrators as they foster healthy populations and effective benefit programs.

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Total Benefits: Increase engagement with benefits programs.  With targeted communications, Accolade Total Benefits engages people in their benefits and gives them the personalized support to understand, use, and get more satisfaction from them. An Accolade Health Assistant and nurse are just a message or phone call away, ready to resolve a bill, answer coverage questions, or address health- or benefits-related needs. For trusted support, your people can simply ask Accolade.

Total Care: Help your people get higher-quality providers and comprehensive support at every stage of care.  Backed by intelligent technology and leading provider quality data, Accolade Health Assistants and nurses guide members to the right benefits programs and high-quality providers for their needs. We schedule appointments, prepare members for care, follow up after visits, and provide ongoing guidance — reducing healthcare spending and costs.

Total Health and Benefits: Improve population health and reduce healthcare cost.  Our full personalized advocacy capabilities to ensure all employees and their families are supported for their health and benefits needs. This solution replaces member services from your company’s health plan and offers complete care management and provider engagement. Employers using Accolade Total Health and Benefits can achieve improved health outcomes for their member population, and substantial, sustainable cost savings.

Mental Health Integrated Care: Accolade brings together mental and physical healthcare to improve employee health and reduce healthcare costs.  We identify people with needs, reach out, reduce stigma and in collaboration with Ginger, provide timely, coordinated, and integrated care. We don’t stop at utilization or access but instead drive for better health outcomes.

Accolade COVID Response Care: Keeps your people healthy and productive and workplaces working.  A comprehensive clinical solution that helps employers get their people back to work safely. We follow the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance to best position you for a successful and healthy return. And we manage the full COVID-19 lifecycle: prevention, early detection, testing, condition management and recovery, contact tracing and isolation, and safe return to work.


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