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AccessHope believes in putting the ever-growing body of cancer knowledge to work for the greater good. The company delivers a revolutionary cancer benefit that connects employees with cancer to the renowned expertise of National Cancer Institute–Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers. AccessHope is sharing the latest discoveries in cancer care while working with local oncologists to help develop precise plans for treatment. The company brings the vast expertise of major medical centers to people near and far. They never have to switch doctors. They never have to leave home. It’s simply a better approach to cancer care. And getting better every day.

Products & Services

Continuity of support through complementary services
Cancer Support Team and Expert Advisory Review work together to support your employees whether they’ve just been diagnosed, have already started treatment, or have previously been diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer Support Team
Your employees can connect with experienced oncology nurses for appointment details, treatment information, or emotional support—wherever they are in their cancer journey. This service can help employees:
• Understand their specific type of cancer
• Understand the types of treatments typically provided for their type of cancer
• Prepare for their first appointment with an oncologist
• Learn more about the availability and importance of clinical trials
• Access educational resources on cancer screening, prevention, and treatment

Expert Advisory Review
Employees can request that an AccessHope medical expert reviews their case. This specialist will provide recommendations to their treatment plan based on groundbreaking insights and leading discoveries for their type of cancer, while communicating with their doctor so they can stay close to home.

Accountable Precision Oncology
When an employee receives a rare- or complex-cancer diagnosis, our algorithms—in collaboration with your health plan or third-party administrator—trigger the case to be securely sent to AccessHope. We then contact their local treating oncologist and assign a cancer subspecialist to the case. Specializing in the type of cancer, the specialist leverages leading cancer expertise to suggest recommendations to treatment plans ranging from slight to significant changes associated with improved clinical outcomes, including the latest research findings and any suggested medications, tests, or clinical trials. Meanwhile, their doctor continues to oversee their treatment plan.

Onsite Expert Consultation
Employees can request an in-person review of their case with a leading oncologist from AccessHope. The oncologist will advise them on the most-effective tests, therapies, and treatments for their type of cancer, while their local doctor continues to oversee their care.
For your employees, this service can:
• Introduce them to a clinician who can support their local physician
• Procure their medical records and perform pathology reviews
• Arrange consultations with a medical oncologist, medical hematologist, surgical oncologist, radiation oncologist, supportive care provider, or other subspecialist, in coordination with their local oncologist
• Identify clinical trials that may be right for them and provide clinical trial information
• Assign them to a patient navigator
• Coordinate their ongoing care with a local treating physician
• Connect their case to a board of specialists
• Arrange transportation to and from their hotel or airport


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