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Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Seattle, 98point6 is pioneering a new approach to primary care. By pairing AI and machine learning with board-certified physicians, our vision is to make primary care more accessible and affordable leading to better health. We meet employees and their dependents where they are by offering private, text-based diagnosis and treatment via a mobile app. For employers and health plans, 98point6 increases primary care utilization among those not actively or appropriately engaged in their health—enabling earlier medical intervention and reducing overall cost of care while increasing productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

Products & Services

98point6 is primary care that's available on your employees' terms.

  • On-demand primary care via private and secure in-app messaging

  • Quality care from our own 98point6 U.S. board-certified physicians

  • Dramatic cost of care savings through the use of deep technology

The 98point6 service is a mobile app that delivers on-demand 24/7 primary care via a private, text-based experience—accessible from wherever employees and dependents happen to be (at home, on the bus, at work). Our value proposition is a combination of quality, access and affordability.

Add 98point6 to your benefits package to reduce cost of care, improve employee satisfaction, and better engage your employees in their health.


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Corporate Address:
701 5th Ave., #2300
Seattle, WA 98104

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Contact Information

Karen Meyer

Vice President of Sales, Midwest
[email protected]

Beth Kreines

Vice President of Sales, Northeast
[email protected]

Brook West

Vice President of Sales, West
[email protected]

Trevette Lang

Vice President of Sales, Southeast
[email protected]

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