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Wednesday April 24, 2019
11:00am - 12:00pm EST
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Hosted by:

Patty Starr, Executive Director, Health Action Council
Tom Godfrey, Director, Instructional Strategy, The Big Know 

It is well known that the health of our employees has a direct impact on the health of our businesses. Through our benefit offerings, wellbeing programs, and point solutions, we strive to help our employees live healthier and happier lives both inside and outside of the workplace. Regardless of these efforts, costs continue to rise and health outcomes continue to decline despite stagnant utilization.

It begs the question — What else can we do? 

We believe that the key to lowering healthcare costs and improving overall health and wellbeing lies in education. People want to learn how to be well, physically, mentally, and financially. That is why Health Action Council has partnered with The Big Know to create Health Action U, a series of educational videos that any organization can utilize to teach employees the skills of health and wellbeing. 

This webinar will explore Health Action U and the value of online learning. In addition, one lucky attendee will have their organization selected to try Health Action U free for up to 500 employees over a six-week pilot program with complimentary implementation and a full promotional campaign to engage your workforce.    

Click on the picture below to explore and learn more about Health Action U.


Click 'register here' for the webinar and your chance to be selected for this six-week pilot program!

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