The Promise of Multi-Cancer, Early Detection Test

Tuesday April 13, 2021
10:00am - 11:00am EST
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The Promise of Multi-Cancer, Early Detection Test

Hosted by Scott Osler, Sr. Director Employer Markets, GRAIL, Inc.

Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test (MCED) is a breakthrough approach to cancer screening. Currently, there are no effective early detection tests for the majority of cancer types and many deadly cancers are often detected too late. An MCED has demonstrated the ability to detect more than 50 cancers and predict, with high accuracy, where the cancer signal originated in the body, all from a single blood draw. 

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Overview of unmet needs in early detection of cancers

  • Learn about this breakthrough technology that applies the latest in genomics, machine learning and large-scale clinical studies

  • See how the program can benefit employees by detecting cancer early, when treatment is generally more effective and less costly -- and even when it can be cured

For Health Action Council Members Only
1 SHRM and 1 HRCI Credit Pending 

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