Cutting Edge Customized Health Care Plans

Tuesday July 11, 2023
11 am EST
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Nexben Health

When you hear the next complaint about why your health coverage can’t be customized, think ICHRA. When someone talks about the challenge of including part time workers in health coverage, think ICHRA. This type of plan satisfies ACA mandates for health coverage and can offer more flexibility for employers. It can also empower employees to make their own purchase decisions. Since employees become the primary policy holder, the plans travel with them.

In this webinar we will discuss a new approach to customized health care plans and how this affects an employer's bottom line.

Takeaways Include: 

  • Discover ultimate health insurance customization
  • Analyze the impact on health care for part-time, seasonal, independent contractors or smaller workforces
  • Learn how plan management can disappear for employers
  • Receive guidance on how to manage the health care spend
  • Know the effect on health plans on the individual side AND the group side

For Health Action Council members only
SHRM, HRCI, and CEBS credit

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