Benefits Engagement - It's About Culture, Not Just Contracts

Thursday April 30, 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm EST
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Hosted by Davita Carpenter, Vice President, HR & Employee Care, Novetta

Originally slated for our 2020 IN-VALUE-ABLE Cleveland Conference, this presentation will break down the role of corporate management’s engagement activities in the health and wellness journey of their employees. Briefly covering the entire process from choosing the right broker to healthcare data analytics storyboarding to fiduciary responsibility and consumerism, Davita will walk attendees through basic checklists that audit the roles and responsibilities of those involved in healthcare management and engagement. From her front row seat as Vice President of Human Resources and Employee Care, she’ll walk the audience through actual marketing campaigns, resources and tools that were put in place at Novetta to illustrate what works and what does not in corporate benefits engagement. 

Learning Objectives Include:

-Basic checklist to audit the roles of those involved in healthcare management and engagement
-Basic marketing and branding ideas and concepts
-Balancing corporate fiduciary responsibilities with employee consumerism 

For Health Action Council Members Only
1 SHRM and 1 HRCI Credit Pending

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