Why Financial Wellness is Critical


Did you know that 59 percent of employees say that finances are their main source of stress? 

Well according to Empyrean Benefits Solutions’ Financial Wellness Success: How You Can Help Employees Take Control of Their Health and Wealth, financial wellness is gaining popularity in the realm of employee benefits, and both employees and businesses are starting to take notice. 

Here are some other staggering stats: 

  • 38% of employees feel less than financially well and 49% are struggling just to make ends meet each month
  • ​35% of employees report that finances have been a distraction at work and admit to spending three hours or more each week thinking about their finances or managing related issues
  • 78% say they would be attracted to another company that cares more about their financial wellbeing

To freely access these insights and more – click here to download.

Additionally, Health Action Council members have access to Health Action U offering a practical and engaging course for employees on financial wellness. Learn more.

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