16 Simple Tips to Help Employees Stay Healthy


We’re always looking for simple ways to help make your employees more aware of how they can stay healthy and avoid costly medical conditions.

So, here are 16 of our best tips to use on your Intranet, in emails, or part of a flyer that can be posted in your lunchroom. 

  1. Find a health champion. Two sets of ears can hear twice as much. Choose a parent, friend, or spouse to advocate for you and your health.

  2. Find a doctor. Someone who is supportive of your health goals is critical during times of health and illness.

  3. Have your teeth cleaned. A healthy mouth can help ward off the development of serious medical conditions.

  4. Strengthen your community. Take one hour each month to do something good for your community.

  5. Strengthen relationships. Eat with friends or family at least once a week.

  6. Move more. Little changes like taking a walk in nature or opting for the stairs can improve health. Check out our next (and free) Step It Up Challenge

  7. Shake up your pantry. Try two new healthy food options each time you visit the grocery store.

  8. Understand care options. Save time and money - contact your primary care physician, try a televisit or a retail clinic during times of illness.

  9. Talk to college-bound kids.Your child is covered until age 26, so have a conversation about using in-network providers and the campus health center, telehealth or a retail clinic.

  10. Emergency rooms are for emergencies. Move to the closest facility if you are experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing or have a major burn or cut.

  11. Complete a living will. Make sure your loved ones understand your wishes if you become critically ill.

  12. Shop prescriptions. Consider a generic medication. 

  13. Get a flu shot.The flu can lead to missing work and health emergencies, protect yourself and your family. Check out our cost effective Flu Shot Program.

  14. Preventive care. Schedule an annual visit to your primary care physician, it’s fully covered and the best way to head off medical conditions.

  15. Get financially fit. Check with HR to make sure you are maximizing your retirement and health benefits. Try to save 1 percent of your take-home pay.

  16. Swap out the sugar. Try replacing one soda a day with an 8-ounce glass of water.

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Posted: 7/15/2019 1:24:41 PM
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