The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream

2018 Columbus Annual Symposium

True or False:
It’s not possible for CEOs, CFOs, and HR leaders (among others) to have control over their health benefits spending
There are practical, proven, approaches to battling skyrocketing healthcare costs—and our 2018 Columbus Annual Symposium Keynote Speaker, Dave Chase, can explain how.
In his book “The CEOs Guide to Restoring the American Dream,” Chase shows us how public and private employers and unions all over the country are reducing their spending by at least 20%. With real-life examples of success stories, he has created a wake-up call for CEOs to evaluate where they could cut down their operating budgets for their employee healthcare.
Whether you are an employee who has been led to believe you have to accept healthcare costs for what they are, or a CEO who wants to change this mindset, Chase’s book provides great insight on restoring the American Dream by reducing healthcare costs while improving the quality of care.
Interested in learning more? Be sure to register for our 2018 Columbus Annual Symposium, January 25th, and hear from Chase as he sheds light on commone sense solutions to help prevent the working and middle class from being crippled by rising healthcare costs. He’ll share insights on how high-performing organizations have solved healthcare’s biggest challenges and discuss why all organizations—no matter their size—have the ability to fix healthcare as long as they have the will power. Simply put: Dave Chase will provide a roadmap to solving one of our nation’s biggest problems to date.   
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Posted: 1/18/2018 8:00:00 AM
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