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February 15, 2017

12:30 PM


1:00 PM

Opening Remarks & Introductions

Patty Starr, Executive Director at Health Action Council

Dan Moulthrop, CEO at Cleveland City Club

1:15 PM

Genetics and the Personalized Healthcare Experience

Jeff Ruby, Founder & CEO at Newtopia

1:50 PM

The Future of Wearables

Michael Maczuzak, President and Founder at Smartshape Design

2:20 PM

Networking / Break

2:35 PM

Empowering the Healthcare Consumer with Personalized Technology

Jim Pursley, Chief Commercial Officer at Livongo

3:10 PM

The Impact of Personalized Medicine on the Future of Healthcare

Charis Eng, MD, PhD, FACP, Chair and Director, Genomic Medicine Institute,
Director, Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare
Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute

3:45 PM

Straight Talk: Leveraging Innovation/Technology into Employer Benefits Strategy

Moderator: Dan Moulthrop, CEO, Cleveland City Club
Panelist: Charis Eng, MD, PhD, FACP, Chair and Director, Genomic Medicine Institute
Panelist: Michael Maczuzak, President and Founder, Smartshape Design
Panelist: Jim Pursley, Chief Commercial Officer, Livongo
Panelist: Jeff Ruby, Founder and CEO, Newtopia

4:20 PM

Closing Remarks


February 16, 2017

7:00 AM


7:25 AM

BREAK OUT SESSION A - Navigating the Benefits Administration Outsourcing Landscape

Tara Morey, Senior Consultant at Findley Davies


BREAK OUT SESSION B - Leveraging Culture to Improve Well Being Programs and Employee Wellbeing

Mary Marzec, Ph.D Senior Researcher and Consultant at Red Brick Health

8:20 AM

Networking / Breakfast

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8:40 AM

Opening Remarks

Patty Starr, Executive Director at Health Action Council

8:55 AM

Keynote:  Healthcare, Remixed

Zubin Damania, MD, AKA ZDoggMD, Founder, Turntable Health

9:55 AM

Networking / Break

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10:15 AM

BREAKOUT SESSION A - Benefits Plans: The Silent Killer of Your Employees’ Disposable Income
New Rules for Benefits Management

Eric Krieg,  President at Risk International Benefits Advisors

BREAKOUT SESSION B - Bringing Medications from Bench to Bedside

Robert A. Calder, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.P.M. at Merck & Co.


BREAKOUT SESSION C - The Great Disconnect: Failing the “On the Journey” Healthcare Consumer

Jan Berger, M.D., M.J. Chief Clinical Strategist at Quantum Health



11:15 AM

Addressing Childhood Obesity through a Preventive Health Benefit

Joshua Moore, Manager, Business Sector Solutions at Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Building Health Through Investing in Education

Kurt Karakul. President and Executive Director, Third Federal Foundation

11:45 AM

Networking Lunch

12:45 PM

Be the CEO of Your Own Health

Rubin Pillay, MD, PhD, Assistant Dean for Global Health Innovation at the School of Medicine and Chief Innovation Officer of the Health System at the University of Alabama

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1:45 PM

The Future of the Empowered Healthcare Consumer

Moderator, Patricia Horvath

Rae Shanah
an, Chief Strategy Officer at Businessolver

See Around the Corner:  How to Take Data Analytics to the Next Level


Beth Ann Bird, RPh., MM, Director, Solutions Consulting at Castlight Health

How Health Care Transparency Technologies Can Enhance Your Health Benefits Strategy


Jeff Hoffman, Vice President, Head of PBM Digital
Using Technology to Improve Health

2:45 PM

Networking / Break

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3:05 PM

BREAKOUT SESSION A -Understanding the Science of Communication

Jan Burnham, Founder at ROC Group

BREAKOUT SESSION B - Benefits for the Treatment of Gender Dysphoria – Taking the Next Step for Transgender Inclusion

Wyndolyn C. Bell, MD, FAAP, Senior Medical Director/Vice President at Health Care Strategies UnitedHealthCare

BREAKOUT SESSION C - Two Ways to Enhance Wellbeing: Mindfulness and Nutrition

Andy Lee, Chief Mindfulness Officer at Aetna

Alison Acerra, MS, RD, Director of Nutrition Strategy at Guckenheimer

4:00 PM

Health Care Policy / Political Update

James A. Klein, President at American Benefits Council

5:00 PM

Cocktail Reception / Service Project

Service project to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland

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